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Fabulous Fabulosities – Self+ retreat // Matriarchy 29 Nov-1 Dec

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Self-positive retreat in the countryside of Paris]”Matriarchy*: women leadership toward equality”

For this event women will be empowered with leadership roles while men will take on cooking roles during all the weekend as a matriarchy experience. We will celebrate the power of caring and offer many other kinds of experiences🌟. The thematic will be around sacred sexuality and spirituality🌙: you will be plunged into a stunning trip through music, light, connections, emotions and sensuality supported by an amazing scenography providing you with both energizing and soothing sensations.

On top of that, this event will be:
🌿 Ecofriendly with a zero waste challenge! 🌳
🏡 In a beautiful place in the nature from less than 1h from Paris: the house has a fireplace where we can have a shamanic fire ceremony and lots of rooms 💫
🍄 The cook will be healthy, veggie and organic 🍲
🎶 This place will be artistic and creative, come with your instruments and imagination!🎨

Yes, it’s gonna be intense!! 😉 Ready to be spellbound? ✨

#tantra #tantra paris

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Date et heure

29-11-2019 19:00 à
01-12-2019 21:00


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