Ashtanga Yoga
Half Primary Series

Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series is the most commonly serie of Yoga postures taught in the world.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, often referred to as “Ashtanga Yoga”, is a dynamic yoga practice that is particularly popular with young people and athletes.

From my first session, I loved this practice which is intense, deep and effective


Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series – Origins

Ashtanga Yoga was codified and made famous by Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) who opened his school in Mysore in 1948.

Pattabhi Jois was the disciple of T. Krishnamacharya (1888-1989) who, for the record, also trained BKS Iyengar (the founder of Iyengar Yoga).

For me the Half Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is the best Yoga session to practise.

It is a very deep thanks to the combination of breath and asanas (postures). Moreover it help to work on each part of the body.
The Half Primary Series is complete in itself : nothing needs to be added and nothing needs to be removed.
For a beginner it may be difficult to start practising yoga with the half primary series of Yoga Ashtanga. But with repetition and due to the fact that the postures are always the same, you will progress very very fast.
Let me share with you my favorite session of Yoga Ashtanga:


Ashtanga Yoga – Benefits

If Ashtanga Yoga is practiced so much today, it is because the benefits are quickly apparent, regardless of the level of practice. The Half Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga gave me the following benefits :

  • GAIN ENERGY. That is to say that with a regular practice, I feel naturally more in shape, more dynamic
  • GAIN FLEXIBILITY more quickly than any other yoga practice.
  • BETTER BALANCE both physical and mental
  • KEEP A STRAIGHT BACK. I noticed that naturally I have a more open chest and a straighter spine. In short, it allows me to stand up straight even without paying attention.
  • FAST PROGESS. On the other hand I noticed that I progressed faster in the other sports I practice, like surfing or swimming. It’s as if listening to the body allows the muscles to bend better.

This is all the benefits I found in that pratice, and I encourage you to start practising to discover your own benefits from Yoga Ahtanga Half Primary Series.

Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series practised by Dorian

Ashtanga Yoga – Fun Stories

The benefits of yoga can differ from person to person. Here are two examples of teachers who trained with me:

  • the first one told me that Ashtanga Yoga was the only one that allowed her to channel her energy. And that it had been very useful to her in her job as a business lawyer where the pressure was very high
  • the second one told me that 1 month of Ashtanga Yoga gave her more benefits than 3 years of Iyengar practice: she gained flexibility, strength and energy. She was fascinated!

ashtanga yoga half primary series in a group of friends

How to practise Ashtanga Yoga?

You can practise Ashtanga Yoga from Home or in a Yoga Class.

Pratice Ashtanga Yoga Half primary Series Online

The best video to pratice Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series is to pratice it with the founder of this kind of Yoga! This wonderful teacher is Sri K Pattabhi Jois.
He died in 2009 but hopefully he left us an incredible jewel… A video where he teach a Yoga class Live.
I edited this video to be sure that it is suitable for beginners and intermediate students. You will find it below.

Pratice Ashtanga Yoga in a class

This is the best way to have the proper teaching and alignement. I highly recommand to start ashtanga yoga half primary series with a teacher who was well trained.

Ashtanga Yoga is a very intense pratice. Too ambitious students unfortunately harm themselves with inapropriate asanas for their level.

A suitable teacher will help you to progress at the right pace, on the right path.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like this article! I love to see your comment and talk with you, so please contact me in the comment section below!

Have a nice day, be happy!



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